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Cirque Du Soleil Wintuk Sold Out Tickets

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Wintuk is a Cirque Du Soleil show full of magic and entertainment held in New York City’s Madison Square Garden. This is one Cirque Du Soleil show that is catered toward children and families with low flying acrobatics, skating, BMX stunts, singing, and dancing. This wonderful and whimsical show is loaded with imagination and fun all set in a winter wonderland with an urban feel. The Madison Square Garden Theater is very intimate for a Cirque Du Soleil show and offers plenty of great views no matter where you sit. Due to the height restrictions of the venue, this show is not a typical Cirque performance. There is a lack in high-flying acrobatics but what this show lacks in high intensity performance it makes up with singing, dancing, and imagination. This show is great for the family and caters to the likings of the children with fun foods and highly animated characters and set design. The typical Cirque Du Soleil older couple may not enjoy this production, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from going. It seems that this show gets low reviews for being so whimsical and geared towards children. With all that in mind before purchasing tickets, one should have a great time if deciding to go anyway. This wonderful show is in no way a bad one, it is just different than the typical Cirque Du Soleil experience. One will admire the fun costumes, interesting characters, and amazing puppetry (including the Shaman’s dogs and the talking light posts) which make up the total experience. With amazing winter blues and purples, whites, and the vivid colors in the costumes combined with the surreal scenery of the winter wonderland and the imaginary towns and scenes Cirque Du Soleil’s Wintuk in New York’s Madison Square Garden.

The show features a boy named Jamie who wonders where winter’s snow is. His imaginary city is covered by an amazing cold front that comes in to usher in winter; however, there is no snow that follows. He meets a very interesting group of city folk who elaborate on their interest in where the winter snow is by performing all kinds of amazing acrobatic and tumbling circus arts. Some of the cities folk even do juggling and balancing acts to show their interest in the lack of snow. Along the way, Jamie meets a bright and beautiful young girl only known as “young girl” who captivates him and later gives him the inspiration to change his ways by inspiring an intense courage in him. He also meets two other characters which aid him in his search for snow, the Shaman with mystical powers and whimsical dogs and a timid and weak boy named Wimpy. The Shaman is the narrator of the story, Jamie’s guide into the world of Wintuk, and also plays an imperative role in Jamie’s success in finding what he searches for. Wintuk by the way is the magical place in the North where Jamie and his friends must travel to not only find snow, but also save the young girl due to some trouble she has gotten herself into. Everyone seems to gain something in this performance, full of song and dance, and there is quite the happy ending in the matter of finding snow and saving his friends. Jamie and his friends become heroes, the people of Wintuk are introduced to the amazing friends they have just made from the city and the crowd gets to see Jamie battle snow and ice monsters and giants, all willing to put Jamie and his friends on ice.


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