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Cirque Du Soleil Viva Elvis Sold Out Tickets

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Viva Elvis, the Cirque Du Soleil show brought to you at Aria Hotel and Casino in Elvis’ home away from home, Las Vegas. This amazing and energetic show marries the timeless music and voice of Elvis Presley with dance and acrobatic excellence which is Cirque Du Soleil and brings to light the life, trials and tribulations, and successes and victories of The King. Elvis plays an amazing role in the history of rock music and Las Vegas itself; with that said, there is no more of a fitting place for this amazing show. The show is broken up into specific major moments in the life of Elvis and each period of time is highlighted with an amazing, elaborate scene. These scenes include: Blue Suede Shoes, Don’t Be Cruel, One Night with You, All Shook Up, Got A Lot of Lovin’ to Do, Saved, Return to Sender, Western Scene, Bossa Nova, King Creole, Viva Las Vegas, and Jailhouse Rock. Each scene is designed to invoke the feelings one gets listening to the music that follows that particular era in the life of Elvis. The first scene, Blue Suede Shoes depicts a large jukebox styled set with blue and red lights melting together to form deep royal colors. 50’s styled dancers move about to the timeless voice of The King as a giant Blue Suede Shoe is rolled out and used as a dancer’s prop. The shoe itself is 29 feet long, weighs 7,000 lbs and is constructed of steel and fiberglass. Other scenes in the show feature large acrobatic equipment custom made to fit the look and feel of the show and its content including a large guitar made of tubular steel fit for acrobats to dance in and spin around on and a Jailhouse Rock scene made for dancers to perform on lower levels and acrobats to perform a circus art called “marche inversée” which translates to “inverted march”.

The costume designs for this show reflect just as much energy and excitement as the music and set design does. There are some 400 costumes incorporating custom shoes, accessories, wigs and more. There are around 50 Elvis jumpsuits that were crafted for this performance in a rainbow of colors. The amount of crystals used to decorate all these amazing costumes totaled out to well over 100,000 of them. The looks span the times of Elvis’ glory, starting in the 50’s and working into the late 60’s and early 70’s and his amazing jumpsuits in all their glittering glory. Elvis was definitely the most iconic figure to bring to light the Rock’n Roll rebel in his pompadour hairstyle (greatly over exaggerated in this production with the use of shaped polyurethane wigs), tight pants, leather jackets, and crazy pelvis. His music broke the barriers of what was acceptable in the 50’s and started the trend of doing what felt right or even felt good. Rebellion came in droves because of this man’s image and sound, but he also brought people together. His music stood for freedom and that is a big part of what this show portrays. In the scene “Return to Sender”, the cast performs boot camp in the acrobatic sense. This particular scene is based on the time Elvis spent in the service defending his country. When he started, he was breaking the rules but as a soldier he would live and die by them. This show truly brings together what it means to be American. This show also puts into our hearts and minds what it meant to be The King, Elvis Presley.


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