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Totem is a touring Cirque Du Soleil show celebrates the journey of mankind through time. The show is based on the theory of evolution and tracks manís progress from a tadpole to our present state. This show utilizes great landscapes and set props and elements which make for an amazing presentation of the journey through the timeline of manís existence. The overall idea behind this journey is that man recognizes that he is not just man, but a link in the chain that makes up Earthís balanced makeup. Totem uses graphics to show manís journey through time and different civilizations. The graphics are projected onto the stage and are complimented by physical elements on the stage. For example, the show uses a tribal mask as one of the projections on the stage. This mask is finished off with bamboo-like reeds to make up the hair of the mask, which stick up perpendicular to the stage. The graphic projections use a special technology where they become interactive with the help of a camera that tracks movement on the projected area. For example, as a person moves through water projected on stage, there is a wave and ripples that emerge from the movement. This adds a never before seen element to a Cirque Du Soleil show that will draw in the audience with jaw dropping results There is even a tall marsh grass growing to conceal the orchestra area . Cirque Du Soleilís Totem runs for two hours and 30 minutes and is hosted at Le Grand Chapiteau, Montreal with a capacity of 2,675 seats and seats range in average around $135 Canadian.

Totem is set in different time periods with the central concept based around the turtle which is the totemic symbol for Earth. There is a large structure which is raised and lowered to the stage that resembles a skeletal depiction of a turtle shell. At times, the shell is used as a piece for the dancers and artists to use as a prop while other times, it is covered with material printed to look like a turtle shell as an aesthetic piece of the magical world of Totem. The stage is Earth, in all its beauty and forms. It represents the waters of the ocean, lakes, ponds, and running rivers while at other times representing, land, lava, marsh, and the sky. All of the projected images were shot in high definition film in locations including Hawaii, Guatemala, and Iceland. This allows for natures aesthetic appearance to be at the highest quality and brings a realistic feel to the scenery and the set. The acts that make up the show are filled with acrobatic feats and mesmerizing dance numbers and include artists on parallel bars, hoop dancers (not hula hoop dancers), three sets of rings acrobats, unicyclist jugglers, foot jugglers (The Crystal Ladies; twin sisters hailing from Russia), perchers and climbers, the Tracker and his ďDevil SticksĒ, a fixed trapeze duo, roller skaters (a couple in the midst of a wedding ceremony skating together on a platform with a diameter of only 1.8 meters), and Russian Bars. Some of these feats are only believable when viewed in person and explaining them would not do them justice. There is one act involving the Scientist who represents reason. He juggles luminous balls within a glass cone of air making the balls dance and float in mid air at times.

With so much to admire and see in Totem, Cirque Du Soleilís newest traveling show, it is pretty safe to say that its longevity is unquestionable. The only thing left to do, if not done already, is purchase your tickets to see Cirque Du Soleilís Totem at Le Grand Chapiteau in Montreal, Canada.


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