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Cirque Du Soleil Quidam Sold Out Tickets

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Quidam is a traveling show from Cirque Du Soleil that grabs a hold of the audience with the trademark Cirque Du Soleil acrobatics, dance, and music of all the other Cirque Du Soleil shows. You have never seen the performance this electrifying, this amazing, and this beautiful until you have set your gaze on Quidam. From the sounds of music building intensity and emotion to the costumes invoking a feeling of being in a fantasy of limitless option there is plenty to be admired about this amazing show of exploration and chance. The spectacular lighting which singles out the most electrifying moments in the show leads the audience around and electrifies them at the right moments with intense nerve-invoking precision. The sheer talent and athleticism of the artists in Cirque Du Soleil’s Quidam will leave you breathless and refreshed at the same time. The show comes with everything necessary to set up a small city in whatever country and or state they are visiting. The massive 180,000 square foot (4.2 acre) “city” within cities accommodates the big top, which is where the show is hosted, an artistic tent, the entrance tents, a VIP tent, the box office, a kitchen, office trailers, a warehouse to store the many needed assets of the show, and even a school (for the children in the show and of the artists in the show). This city takes approximately 18 days to transfer from city to city and erect in the new location and uses over 300 personnel (some of which are locally hired) to complete.

Some of the electrifying acts which bring the audience to their feet night after night include acts of epic proportions with feats that seemingly defy gravity, make one laugh out loud, and wonder in amazement as to how one could do these things. There is a lovely aerial performer that does an amazing contortion act among silk sashes high above the stage. Her wild red hair combined with ruby red lips and her skin toned, form-fitting costume make for a sensual and quasi-erotic event. She winds herself up in these silk scarf-like strips which hang from the ceiling and dances her mystical ballet above the stage in a graceful seduction of the crowd. The banquine troop consists of 13 acrobats who perform some of the most amazing toss and catch aerial maneuvers combined with amazing strength and stamina to balance one another while completing catches and tosses. These artists sometimes stack themselves three or four high! They are limber and very accurate in their performance and make the most daunting tasks look effortless. The diabolo, or Chinese yoyo, jugglers are an amazing site to see. Four Chinese girls light up the stage with a performance in which they try to outdo each other in an amazing display of creativity and skill as they balance and juggle these large wooden spools on string attached to two sticks. The German wheel is an interesting performance in which an acrobat uses a large tube steel wheel to perform amazing feats of physics-driven maneuvers. He tumbles, spins, flips, and dances in this wheel which leaves the audience stupefied.

With many other acts to see, one must truly be there to witness the intensity of this show. It is truly amazing when Quidam comes into town, so do not miss this amazing show. Quidam by Cirque Du Soleil travels the world in search for audiences to electrify, so let yourself enter the big top for the next performance!


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