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Cirque Du Soleil OVO Sold Out Tickets

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Ovo is a very ambitious Cirque Du Soleil traveling show that pulls out all the stops with amazing, high flying acrobatics and imagery that will embed itself in the hearts and minds of its audience over and over again. When Ovo comes into town, there is no way anyone should miss the amazing production. The highly interesting premise behind Cirque Du Soleilís Ovo is all about the ďlittleĒ things. Itís a look into the lives of bugs of all sorts, living in their ecosystem harmoniously. The plot thickens as an egg appears amongst all the little critters. The egg brings out pure curiosity in the bugs and symbolizes their lives, the cycle of which starts from the egg, in general. Young and old will admire the interesting characters and the elaborate set design. Adults will drop jaws at the amazing aerial feats attempted and executed by some of the most nimble acrobats to ever take the stage. With an eclectic mix of music ranging from Portuguese lounge to Spaghetti Western infused with a little techno; itís safe to say the look certainly matches the sound. The music is so amazing and really does a great job of elaborating on the storyline with a comedic flair.

The costume design on this Cirque show blows all other Cirque shows out of the water due to how elaborate they are. It takes the most time designing and creating the costumes because a lot of the elements are sewn by hand. Although sewing machines are used, the hand sewing of thousands of parts is an extremely time consuming process. The team of costume designers and seamstresses work in harmony like a colony of ants, fittingly enough in this scenario. They create costumes representing many forms of bugs including, ants, beetles, crickets, fireflies, scarabs, grasshoppers, and spiders (which are arachnids). The set design for Ovo is truly amazing, changing frequently with the scenes which adds the element of a vast network of environments providing a strong feeling of biodiversity in where these insects all share space everywhere from the insides of trees to right under our feet. With vivid colors and elaborate designs, the audience will feel like they are in the midst of a crazy network of bugs in their actual homes. The sets are interpretations of the real thing and thatís what makes it so amazing. The set design is essentially catering to the bugs as if they had little lives like ours, conversing, joking, laughing, playing, fighting, dancing, and falling in love.

The arts and disciplines in this production are amazing and range from juggling to high flying acrobatics. The fleas are agile, nimble, and super colorful! They wear red and yellow and have an amazing athleticism, dancing and tumbling in unison ever so gracefully. The ants on this stage are as hard working as the actual insects they represent. They are bright red and full of energy as they play with the food theyíve worked so hard to gather. They not only juggle their food with their feet, they also juggle each other while juggling their food; itís quite amazing. The firefly sends four diabolos into the air while performing crazy splits and dance maneuvers. The combination of banquine, Russian swing and swinging chair turns into an amazing flying act with a group of scarabs at the helm. These acts as well as dragonflies performing balancing acts, butterflies performing a blend of hand to hand, ballet, and contortion, and many other wonderful acts of acrobatic amazement. There is no question why this show is so amazing when you witness it for yourself.


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