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Cirque Du Soleil O Sold Out Tickets

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O is an amazing adventure into a surreal landscape of mystic proportions. A combination of beautiful tribal music blended with dance, Cirque Du Soleil signature acrobatics, and water sport, this show is one that could without a doubt be considered the greatest Cirque show to every exist. This marvel of Cirque Du Soleil, hosted at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, is an amazing performance which includes the likes of free diving, parallel bars, rings, synchronized swimming, contortionism, and other acrobatic performance disciplines. The entire show takes place on an amazingly elaborate stage constructed around a deep pool for diving and swimming as well as hydraulic platforms and steel frame constructed props which allow the dancers and acrobats to perform over the stage suspended in air as well as the appearance of walking on water. The show also contains comedic performances to break up the tension set up by these high-flying and breathtaking artists as they wow the crowd with their amazing feats of athleticism and courage. There are two clowns, Leonid and Valery, originally from Russia who have been performing together since the early 80’s. These artistic fellows mime out the perfect performance which tells a story about life and its many trials and tribulations. Another interesting part of this show is a scene titled “Fire” which adds a blend of various cultures to the ritualistic Polynesian performance art of fire dancing in which an artist uses a sort of poi lit on fire at both ends as the pinnacle of an amazing dance and martial arts infused performance. There is no doubt that O has the widest mix of disciplines and elements in it creating a vast universe for these art forms to live and work together in; the artists also do a phenomenal job seamlessly blending these elements together.

All of the artists are the best at their disciplines or arts. They have been selected among the best in arts like synchronized swimming, gymnastics, cirque arts, Olympic diving, and dance of all types from a vast network of countries. The contortionists, a group of four girls out of Mongolia, have been performing their amazing act since the age of eight. They are extremely flexible and well disciplined in what they do. They create beautiful line with their body positioning that makes the audience bask in their greatness during their part of the performance. There are two trapeze acts that will strike awe into anyone who witnesses the beauty and finesse of the movements in these amazing performers. There is a solo trapeze act and a duo trapeze act; both acts have their own mysticism involved. The solo act is a lot more intimate than the duo act and features a beautiful aerial dance over the water which seems to marry the two elements of air and water together. The artist performs her dance as if she were swimming, with that much fluidity in her dance (or aerial acrobatics performance). To finish the piece, she dismounts into the water to fit the elements together in unity. The duo trapeze act is an astonishing feat in itself. The twins who perform it are completely trusting in each other. They perform amazing foot to foot catches, stunning grabs, and other amazing tricks that are hard to believe to be real. All of this is done on a single trapeze right over the water.

The performance in Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” is unparalleled and could easily be the best show that Cirque has to offer. With an average review of 5 out of 5 stars just about anywhere you look, it’s safe to say you will love “O” at The Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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