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Cirque Du Soleil La Nouba Sold Out Tickets

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La Nouba is short for the French saying “faire la nouba” which means “party and live it up!” The Cirque Du Soleil performance of La Nouba really personifies this saying to the “T” with an amazing blend of creative skills and circus disciplines from all over the world! The colors, the flair, the style, and the finesse of these talented artists in this amazing theater continue to blow the audience away night after night without fail. La Nouba resides in Orlando, Florida in Downtown Disney’s Cirque Du Soleil Theater. This amazing theater is well equipped to fit plenty of people with little to no obstructed view in any of its many seats. The area in which it sits is finely lined with wonderful restaurants and eateries which make for a great evening of dinner and entertainment. This highly consistent and very exciting and funny show is a great way to spend the evening with your significant other or friends and avid lovers of theater and circus performance. Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba goes above and beyond the typical circus show displaying not the “big top” but highly elaborate scenery and sets brought together in a wonderful atmosphere of technological advancement which creates a solid environment for one of the greatest shows one could ever imagine. La Nouba could definitely be considered a circus act to the next level, bringing far from typical circus disciplines and arts to the table in one environment in such a unity that it is amazing to even conceive. At La Nouba, the audience will be introduced to high-flying acrobatic feats, tumbling mastery, and the finest juggling all blended together with the French edge and flair that sets Cirque Du Soleil far from any show ever seen in a theater environment.

The show begins with The Cleaning Lady making her way on to the stage, sweeping the stage minding her own business. Then two more characters emerge including The Green Bird and The Acrobatic Pierrot, then The Titan follows, then Les Cons, then a plethora of dancers erupt onto the stage. The first number of this majestic performance belongs to everyone on stage as the main characters interact with one another and the dancers move about illuminating the stage with pure energy. The next performance is called The German Wheel where two acrobats move about the stage in these giant wheels constructed of tube steel and manipulate gravity to allow the wheels to move in interesting ways. They roll and topple and perform some of the most fluid acrobatic movements from within these wheels and at one point, they both enter the same wheel and move in synchronization. The next act features a tightrope act called Funambule where the tightrope walkers move back and forth above the stage on a ˝ inch thick wire on foot and on bicycles. At one point they do head stands, flips and other magnificent feats or acrobatic amazement. After that hair raising excitement it’s the clown’s turns to get the crowd going with their crazy antics. As the show progresses, the audience will be introduced to Diabolos, little Asian girls performing a synchronized Chinese yoyo act, BMX cyclists performing crazy tricks, The Aerial Cradle consisting of two artists performing amazing acrobatic feats, and Balancing on chairs. The next big feat is done on the flying trapeze consisting of a team of aerial acrobats who perform major synchronous maneuvers over the stage in perfect form. The most popular performance of the night goes to the acrobats performing on the Power Track. These amazing athletes use the trampolines to climb up the side of a faux building with windows in it.

Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba is truly amazing and should not be missed when in Orlando, Florida. Visit the Downtown Disney for great food at area restaurants and great entertainment with Cirque Du Soleil’s La Nouba!


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