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Cirque Du Soleil Kooza Sold Out Tickets

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Kooza is a traveling circus show by the amazing creators of electrifying entertainment, Cirque Du Soleil. The show travels packing 55 trailers full of equipment (which weighs in excess of 2 million pounds) from city to city employing some 200 crew (with the addition of another 100 local workers) to erect an amazing city where the artists, performers, and crew live, work, and play. This 4.2 acre city is transported, constructed, broken down, and moved to the next city within the matter of 18 days. Cirque Du Soleil prides itself in the art of not only putting on the greatest show on earth, but doing it professionally, and very quickly and accurately.

Kooza is a return to the traditions of circus with an amazing flair. Kooza highlights aerial and acrobatic feats of uncanny ability combined with the age old circus art of clowning. The blend of intense athleticism and slapstick humor bring together the yin and yang of circus performance. This balance is combined with amazing music to invoke a daring and fiery emotion in the bellies of the audience members daring enough to witness the spectacle. One can almost feel the nerves shooting off signals of danger as the intensity of the acts increases the effect. These amazing acrobats, in their fiery colored costumes set in the dramatic atmosphere of the set design, will leave the audience on the edges of their seats. One can almost feel the hands sweep over the eyes as to not witness the near miss or the fall that may happen. That same person will soon feel the hands lower to reveal the magic only to realize that these amazing performers are addicting to watch.

From the moment one steps into the big top and takes their seats, they are introduced to the unique atmosphere of lights, color, and sound. In its traditional manner, Cirque brings forth a troupe of clowns to entertain the crowd as they set up the final preparations for the engagement at hand. The show starts off with an epic introduction to a world where a lonely soul searches for his place in the world, a vast and empty world of The Innocent, the main character. The Innocent comes in contact with a plethora of funny individuals who all play a role in his own discovery of “his place”. The Obnoxious Tourist and his Bad Dog, The Trickster, The King, The Pickpocket, Heimloss, and the clowns all lighten or darken the moods respectfully in this journey into imagination and discovery. There are intimate acts which are intensified with sexy and sultry music including jazz and samba. The Unicycle duo is one of these intimate acts which brings dance, balance, strength, and agility together as a male and female duo ride a unicycle and balance each other as they glide across the stage. The intimacy of the contortionists is quite amazing as three beautiful contortionists do their thing on a small platform in the middle of the stage. They balance, bend, stretch, and take advantage of sculpting beautiful lines with the positions of their bodies, really transforming themselves into quasi-geometric shapes with the natural beauty of the female form as accent. Other acts like the Hand to Hand, Solo Trapeze, the High Wire, and the Wheel of Death will leave you questioning the origins of these individuals, because only beings from a distant universe who are unscathed by our laws of gravity and physics.

One should truly make sure that Kooza by Cirque Du Soleil is on the “to see” list. Purchasing tickets to this spectacular should be priority when it is in town because to miss it would be a travesty.


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