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KÁ is a magical journey through distant worlds and cultures depicting a beautiful story of love blended with conflict that will have you at the edge of your seat with the help of phenomenal music, dancing, aerial performance and martial Arts. There is a cast of 80 artists that make this show one to be remembered. This show, unlike the others in the Cirque Du Soleil catalog, is very taxing on the cast and crew and is probably one of the largest that Cirque has ever produced. This is all possible with the help of the 300 plus crew members including technicians that aid in costume and makeup changes, set changes, and other very important elements such as lighting and aerial feats. There are roughly 12 disciplines of acrobatic and martial arts featured in this show with 20 different scenes and as many changes, making KÁ a feat of impossibility to perform. This show and all its amazing difficulty is performed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada 5 nights a week, twice a night! There is no wonder why there are so many technicians and staff for this amazing show, all totally dedicated to what they do. Without the crew of this intense production, the fine artists, dancers, and aerial performers would surely be riding a highway to the danger zone. The music for this show is amazing; it incorporates a 57-piece symphony and a 40 member choir. Layered on that is a mass of percussive instruments that bring suspense and raw emotion into the final product. René Dupéré puts a magical package together utilizing all these sounds from mystic and exotic places adding an element of depth into the production that only intensifies the action and passion on stage. René has created some amazing music for other Cirque shows including Mystére and Alegria which have gone to the Billboard charts for several weeks.

The show is home to some of the most elaborate theatrical scenes with great ingenuity at hand in their production including the Archerís Den, a grand erection of towers and prison cells where the Archers and Spearmen hold prisoners as they celebrate. The Climb is an intense scene where the heroes of the show are chased by the Archers and Spearmen. The cliff actually rotates at 12 feet per second while the artists climb. Foam pegs protrude from the surface to simulate arrows being shot at the heroes while some artists fall up to 60 feet below into unseen space. The artists who fall end up on unseen airbags and are recycled into the show. Another amazing scene is called The Slave Cage and features 5 large cylinders which house acrobats while they spin around. This tube steel construction is an amazing piece of equipment that allows artists to perform inside and outside of it at the same time. The artists control their movement by running in one direction within the cylinders. As the apparatus builds momentum, the show begins to take a more intense form little by little. All of these astonishing movements are synchronized to intense music. With an intense and interesting cast of characters, KÁ is one of the most captivating and unforgettable stories told by the incredible minds at Cirque Du Soleil. The cast is broken up between villain and hero who dawn a heavy Asian influence in makeup and clothing. With tribal influence in there as well, this show is one of the most beautiful as well as suspenseful. Make sure you make your way to KÁ at MGM Grand in Las Vegas today!


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