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Cirque Du Soleil Dralion Sold Out Tickets

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Dralion is an amazing touring show from Cirque Du Soleil that features a blend of Eastern and Western culture to obtain an intense mixture of color, sound and talent. The name Dralion comes from the blending of the dragon, a symbol of Eastern tradition, and the lion, a symbol of the Western tradition. The show also focuses on unity between man and the 4 main elements of our planet (wind, water, fire, and earth) which govern and make up everything. The unity and harmony between man and nature is the prime focus of this show and are highly important to the success of our lives here. The show displays the great responsibility which we bare by our natural balance with our planet and nature. This show is done in the style of traditional Chinese circus and features an impeccable blend of artistry and mysticism as well as some amazing feats of high flying acrobatics and circus disciplines or arts. The combination of Eastern circus art and Western “edge” as far as costume, makeup, and art create an exhilarating performance to be adored by the masses. The capabilities of Cirque Du Soleil to take this show on the road demonstrate just how powerful of an entertainment entity they really are! This show is truly amazing and it would behoove lovers of dance, acrobatics, art, and Cirque to come and experience this wonder of the stage. With a blend of music that transcends time with the use of great audio mixing and technology combined with the sounds of ancient times in the use of traditional instruments, the landscape of sound is painted and ready for the addition of the high-flying, energetic, and highly talented artists, which span from all over the world, to come in and mesmerize the crowds night after night in cities all over the country.

In the tradition of Cirque Du Soleil, the audience is treated to dance, acrobatics, music, and even humor. The dedication of these fine performers, and the fact that Cirque Du Soleil is very selective about their artists, makes the completion of the acrobatic and aerial feats seem effortless. It is only when there is an occasional error in judgment that an individual may realize there is still gravity, and we are still on planet Earth! The whole production, painted in its magnificent and vibrant reds, yellows, greens, and blues captivates the crowd from the moment the show begins. The professional quality of a touring Cirque show is not diminished by the touring factor what so ever. Cirque Du Soleil tours with their artists and props of course, but they also tour with performance tents, seating, and stage, making the setup of the production an amazing feat. The setup resembles a city built for a kingdom of people by the time it is completed. To celebrate the beauty and mystic appeal of Dralion would complete the urge for fast paced, artistically and aesthetically pleasing, and tasteful performance art for just about anyone. While children are allowed to Cirque Du Soleil shows, they may not be as appreciative of the truly inspiring performance art being graciously presented to the fine audience. If you have bore witness to a Cirque Show in the past and enjoyed it, you may want to consider seeing Dralion when it comes to your area. Cirque Du Soleil only comes around every so often and there is no telling when Dralion will be within your reach without costly travel arrangements to be made. If those arrangements are necessary, they are well worth the spectacle that is Cirque Du Soleil’s Dralion.


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