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Cirque Du Soleil Criss Angel Believe Sold Out Tickets

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Criss Angel Believe is a twisted look into the mind of American illusionist Criss Angel which features elements of Cirque Du Soleil. The greatest misconception between the audience and Criss Angel Believe is that with a name like Cirque Du Soleil married to a show, you’re going to see some high profile acrobatics. Although the trademark Cirque Du Soleil acrobatic feats hardly exist in this show, the thing to remember is that dance is also a part of Cirque Du Soleil and Criss Angel Believe has plenty of it! From the beginning of the show, the audience is entertained by Maestro, the show’s host who speaks with a French accent and blurbs out Cirque Du Soleil French comedy. The illusions of Criss Angel are combined with elaborate sets, props, and costumed dancers and assistants who help build an ambiance to the show making the show full in nature and aesthetically pleasing. Music and explosions fill the air creating an amazing environment of sound for the delivery of interesting and entertaining illusions. The main characters one will find in this production are Kayla and Crimson who are two aspects of femininity, almost like fire and ice. The other main characters, aside from Maestro and Criss are the four ushers that escort you through the mind of the illusionist. All of these characters including the dancers and assistants to Criss Angel are dressed in elaborate costumes and makeup schemes which complement the dark baroque atmosphere of the stage and décor in the theater. Audiences will be captivated not only by the visual elements in this show, they will also be inclined to participate with how engaged Criss is with his audience. You won’t believe your eyes as you set forth on a mystical journey which is the mind of Criss Angel in his performance backed by the Cirque Du Soleil name at the Luxor Hotel and Casino.

If you are a loyal fan of magic and Criss Angel, this show is for you. In the production, Criss unleashes a slew of never before seen magic tricks and illusions which will mystify even the most analytical minds in the theater. Witness the greatness of the new magic as well as some fan favorites from his street magic performances. You will easily be able to see why Criss is such a notable figure in the world of magic and mysticism when you come to see Criss Angel Believe live at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Words cannot describe how intense the action on stage is mixed with the special effects and atmosphere of the sounds of explosions, the visual elements and flashes of light, and rock star performance antics. The show and elements of the show will leave you breathless and wanting more, the comedic value of Criss and some of his Cirque friends will break up the tension with laughter, but then it’s back to raw tension as he levitates an assistant and makes her disappear into thin air before your very eyes. Witness this show for yourself and you will have the liberty to say you experienced it firsthand because to believe is to see and if you don’t see it, you’ll never believe you missed it! From the creative minds of the team over at Cirque Du Soleil combined with one of the most intriguing minds in illusionary magic performance comes this great spectacle which is Criss Angel Believe!


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