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Cirque Du Soleil Banana Shpeel Sold Out Tickets

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Banana Shpeel is a comedy show presented by Cirque Du Soleil. This is not your typical show and one should research what the show is prior to purchasing tickets. There are no high flying acrobatic feats due in part to the nature of the show and the venues in which it is housed. This show is a theatrical dance and comedy show chock full of slapstick and vaudeville influenced costume and humor. It is not portrayed or advertised as a typical cirque show. If that is the type of show expected, there are plenty of others to see (and this would not be one of them). There is an abundance of humor, color, excitement, and minor tumbling, contortion, juggling, balancing, and plenty of comedy and dance! The show starts off with an introduction by two emcees that set the tone for what is to come in this crazy theater. The crazy costumes and comedic antics of this funny bone tickling show will leave you feeling side splitting pain from sheer laughter. If laughing and smiling is what you need in your evening, then the Vaudeville inspired flapper-filled, in your face slapstick of Banana Shpeel will be the perfect event for you and your friends or loved ones.

Banana Shpeel includes unique acrobatic feats which are lighter than the traditional show, but definitely entertain. The dance is quite eclectic and offers the audience a taste of tap, hip-hop, and eclectic dance. Artists from all over the world make up this travel troupe which places itself in select cities for an extended period of time. Since there is no need for major setup and breakdown like the other travel Cirque shows, the troupe sticks around in the select city entertaining the members of the community night after night advertising the show for all in the area to see. Serge Roy, Director of Creation for Banana Shpeel, believes that Vaudeville needed a revamp and something like a Cirque Du Soleil show to put it back out on Broadway. This show does the genre justice with its tap dance numbers, sequined flapper garb and derby hats. The music is very upbeat and as electrifying as the dance that accompanies it. One could almost feel that with the slapstick humor of the “clowns” on stage that they too are in the ages of Vaudeville and are currently living the glitz, glamour, light, and action of the free spirited time.

Cirque Du Soleil’s Banana Shpeel offers acrobatic acts such as balancing on poles, flipping, balancing, and tumbling among others. It also offers a great number of dance routines to electrifying music. It is not a formal engagement what so ever and merits the classic popcorn, candy, and theater snacks of the past which pull the whole vibe of the show back to a fun filled environment where one, two, three, or more, family and friends, lovers and the like can mingle, eat, drink, and enjoy an extraordinary comedic performance with electrifying dance and slapstick humor from Cirque Du Soleil to you, Banana Shpeel!


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