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Cirque Du Soleil Alegria Sold Out Tickets

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Alegria is a traveling Cirque Du Soleil show taking place in many of the finest venues around the country. Alegria, a Spanish word meaning jubilation, represents a mood, a state of mind, a way of living that is unparalleled by any other. The show is a timeline of events dating back to old monarchies all the way to the present day. It deals with the evolution of these powers being handed down to the modern day powers where the characters, from young to old and poor to rich, mingle together to form a spectacular performance. It includes the likes of common people, wealthy, and the in between which all come together to celebrate this state of mind known as jubilation. The show is set apart from other Cirque Du Soleil shows in where the main style of costume and scenery is more of a Baroque style. The characters, although dressed in the typical Cirque bright colors and crazy designs, are dressed in a combination of old time circus performer, Baroque gentlemanís long tail coats and long Victorian gowns. There are a lot of different time periods woven into the finely made costumes laced with gold and silver. The characters, representing the young and old, are all of amazing talent. They perform breath-taking acrobatics, aerial and tumbling, dance maneuvers, and singing numbers. They will tantalize your senses with the amazing athletic feats they perform in an old-circus meets contemporary art environment.

Here are some of the characters who make Alegria the magical journey it is. Fleur is the guide through the wonderful production. Heís a rotten individual that seems to be fun loving on the outside, so beware his words and actions. He is highly noticeable with his red jacket, black brimmed hat, and jeweled vest. His huge belly is also very hard to miss! Another defining characteristic of Fleur is the flock of Nostalgic Old Birds that follows him around. They represent the old aristocratic views of the past looking in on the new youth as if they are in control. They are old and ugly and follow Fleur around as if his entourage. They wear big annoying hats and the ugliest clothing one could imagine, transforming their legs into giant bruises. Tamir is a magic fairy who appears in times of need. Keep your eye out because he vanishes just as quickly as he came! Wearing gold and white, he is pure, kind, very generous, and loving. The nymphs move gracefully through the production warming the coldest of hearts. They are sensual, graceful, and youthful and represent the innocence which many have within them. The White Singer, probably the most important character in the story, tells the story of her surroundings through beautiful song. She sings to inform everyone around her what the tone in the air is. The Black Singer, the contradiction to the White Singer, is dark and secretive. She too reflects her surroundings with song. Where the White Singer is dressed all in white dawning pearls and jewels, the Black Singer wears an all black dress with the darkest jewels ever to exist fixed on. Last but not least are the clowns. They symbolize humanity in its purest form, regular fun-loving people trying to enjoy their time. They tell an amazing story through their antics and keep everyone warm and uplifted.

Alegria is a beautiful Cirque Du Soleil production with a deep message. Loving oneís self and the absence of change from outdated ancient ways is unimaginative and lacking progress. To progress we must move forward and to do that, we must conquer negativity.


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