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When it is time to take a vacation, there are many destinations to choose from, but there is one city, in particular, that you should definitely check out and that is New York City. New York City is one of the most visited cities in the world and you should check out why with a trip there. There are many fabulous things to see and fun and exciting things to do while you are in the famous city. Sure you can go take a trip up to the observation deck on the Empire State building or take a walk around Time Square, but the best time to be had is definitely on Broadway. There is nothing like seeing all of the exhilarating and dramatic plays and musicals that you can find on Broadway. One show that you should check out while you are there is Time Stands Still.

Time Stands Still is a wonderful play that was written by Donald Marguiles. The play is directed by Daniel Sullivan. Sullivan was picked to direct Time Stands Still because of his exceptional ability to capture the scenes that are in his head and in the book and recreate them on the stage and because of that, Sullivan won a Tony Award. In February 2009, Time Stands Still opened for reviews at the off-Broadway theater, the Geffen Playhous, in Los Angeles, California. Time Stands Still had the critics hearts after its premiere and soon found a home on Broadway at the Samuel J. Friedman theater. The Broadway showing will feature actress Christina Ricci, playing the role of Mandy.

Time Stands Still is a play that is stage in Brooklyn, and focuses on the relationship between the main characters Sarah and James. Both are journalists that are covering the war in Iraq, where Sarah was injured by an IED (improvised exploding device). Sarah leaves Iraq and heads home to recover, while her ex-boyfriend James struggles over the fact that he left Iraq without her. As the play goes on, we are introduced to Richard and Mandy, and through laughter, insight and emotion, the actors tell a story about their relationships and what it takes to make it in today's society.

This is a great story that was well received by critics all around the country and you will see exactly why when you attend a showing. Time Stands Still is one of the hottest selling tickets on Broadway today and you should get your tickets before they are sold out. Use Ticketmomma.com to get the greatest price and deals on sold out tickets to you next Broadway show, like Time Stands Still. You will have a fantastic time when you decide to watch Time Stands Still on Broadway.


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