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There is nothing quite like a Broadway show and if you are in New York City, you should definitely check one out before you go. Now that you know that you want to see a Broadway show, you have to decide which show that you want to see. With so many wonderful plays and musicals to see, you it may prove to be tough trying to decide which ones you want to see. Well, do not worry because you have Ticketmomma.com on your side. Ticketmomma.com is here to do two things. First, and most importantly, we will get you the greatest deals and bargains on sold out Broadway show tickets. Second, we will give you our suggestions on the hottest show that are out on Broadway right now. One of the hottest acts on Broadway right now is The Producers.

You know when you watch a Mel Brooks movie; you are going to get two things automatically. One, you are going to get the laughs that you would expect from Brooks, and two, you are going to get witty and brilliant songs. It was just matter of time before a Mel Brook's classic made to the stage on Broadway. Brooks got his chance in 2001, to put his movie, The Producers on stage. Together with Thomas Meehan and Glen Kelly, Brooks had put one of his classic movies on the Broadway stage. If you could pick one movie that you know would be a break out Broadway show, Mel Brooks The Producers would be the one.

The story begins in New York City, of course, and it focuses on a two men, on the former "King of Broadway", Max Bailystock and his accountant, Leo Bloom. Max is just of a horrifying night on Broadway, for his show "Funny Boy", was a complete flop. "Funny Boy" was a musical take on Shakespeare's famous play Hamlet, but it utterly failed and it had to close just after one show. Leo is going over Max's finances when he discovered a discrepancy in "Funny Boy". It cost less to produce the production than what Max originally raised for it. Max asks Leo to hide this miscalculation and his weary account hesitantly agrees. It was then and there that Max came up with what he thought was a brilliant idea, he would go out and raise a bunch of money for a show that would cost him virtually nothing. He would then make a Broadway show that would be a disaster and pocket the difference.

Leo does not want to have anything to do with Max's hare-brained scheme, but soon realizes that if he stays with the accounting firm, that he will just be a miserable man working for a boss that does not care about him. Leo goes back to Max and agrees to be a part of the plan. The two find the worst play and Broadway, Spring Time for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolph and Eva at Berchtesgarten. Max and Leo run into a problem when they try to get the rights from the play's writer Franz Leibkind. They meet him on the roof of his apartment building where the ex-Nazi, Franz, was remembering about his time with Hitler while playing with his pigeons. He tells Max and Leo that they only way that he would sign the rights over is if they join him a song, a dance and if they would take the Siegfried Oath. Max and Leo go through with the routine and finally get Franz to sign over the right to his horrible play.

You are going to enjoy the The Producers so much when we go to see this hit Broadway musical. Be sure that you get your sold out tickets in advance from right here at Ticketmomma.com. When you do, you will be on your way to a great Broadway experience.


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