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If you are looking for a really great time while you are vacationing in fabulous New York City, well there is really only one thing to do and that is to go and see a Broadway show. New York City may be world famous for many things, but one thing that is certainly known for is Broadway. There are so many quality shows to see on Broadway, but you are going to have to narrow down to the ones that you want to see. One of the hottest selling Broadway acts that is out now is The Addams Family. The Addams Family is a fantastic new Broadway smash hit that you definitely want to check out when you are in New York.

The Addams Family is based off of the hit 1960's television series and the two movies that were made in the 1990's, about America's favorite spooky and ghoulish family. This particular story is about love and how it can bring people together in the most turbulent of times. The first act starts off with the Addams Family's yearly ritual of taking a trip to the cemetery to pay respects to their family members of the past and honor the legacy that is the Addams family. However, when Wednesday is not particularly thrilled about the trip because she has a new love interest, Lucas, and she does not want her family to scare him off. The family notices this and starts to get concerned that Wednesday is losing a bit of what it is to be and Addams. Lucas and his parents, Mal and Alice Bieneke, are invited to dinner at the Addams' home, much to Wednesday's disapproval.

While dinning, Gomez announces that it is time to play a game, a game that involves everyone at the table to disclose something about them. The discussion does not go so well. Gomez upsets agitates Morticia, Uncle Fester is in love with the moon and Puglsey mischievously switches the magic potion with Alice Bieneke's drink and she flies of the handle about how she does not love her husband, Mal. Wednesday is not happy about this situation and Lucas tries to reassure her that everything is alright.

We will not go further into the plot, so you are going to have to go see how this marvelous Broadway show ends for yourself. It is a great show to see while you are vacationing in New York City, so be sure to check it out while you are in town. If you need tickets to a show that is sold out, just use Ticketmomma.com to get a great deal on sold out Broadway show tickets.


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