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The Broadway play The 39 Steps is a play that is an adaptation of John Buchan's novel, written in 1915, and Alfred Hitchcock's film of the same name that premiered in 1935. The playbook was written by the very witty comedian Patrick Barlow. Barlow has the idea to take The 39 Steps and to make it into something that was unique and uncommon. So, Barlow only used four actors for the entire play. That meant that the cast would have to change in and out of their costumes very quickly. The play is written to be a farce, so it is quite comical and entertaining to watch the same actors come out in different attire.

The 39 Steps first debuted at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in June of 2005, and quickly gained popularity for its unique production. From there The 39 Steps made its way across the pond to premiere on Broadway at the American Airlines Theatre in 2008 and then found a home at the Helen Hayes Theatre in 2009. The 39 Steps was nominated for various awards for its extraordinary way of telling this story, including a Drama Desk Award, and Oliver Award and a two Tony Awards for Best Lighting and Design and Best Sound Design.

The plot for The 39 Steps starts off as the lead character, Richard Hannay, is checking out a presentation and in the presentation is a man who claims to have a photographic memory and is showing the crowd his exceptional mental power. During this show, some crazy things start to happen all around Richard. People start an altercation and a brawl develops and the Richard hears what sounds like gunfire. Richard is startled, but when he comes back around to his senses, he is grasping on to the hand of a young lady who was in the same crowd, Annabella Schmidt. Annabella is also frightened and does not want to be alone, so she has Richard take her to his apartment. It is there that she reveals that she is a spy and that she has secrets to things that make her a target for assassins.

The very next morning, Richard wakes up to find Annabella dead. Not knowing exactly what to do, Richard jumps on the next rail to the place where Annabella told him she would find the leader of The 39 Steps, Scotland. Richard is now part of something huge and he nearly escapes for the clutches of the police and he does that by acting like a passenger is his girlfriend. After escaping off of the train, Richard finds the man he is looking for and his name is Professor Jordan. When talking to the professor, he, out of nowhere, pulls out a weapon and shoots Richard. However, Richard is able to survive thanks to an unlikely bullet-proof vest.

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