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Well, it is that time that you have been waiting for the entire year, vacation time. This time around you are heading to the hustle and bustle of New York City. Before you get there, there are some important things that you have to line up, like transportation, where you are going to stay, places to eat and, most importantly, what you are going to do. Sure, New York City is known for many different land marks, architecture and museums, but there is one thing that everyone should check out if they are in New York City and that is a Broadway show, or an off-Broadway show. If a musical, play or show made it this far, you know that you are going to be experiencing something fantastic. One show, in particular, that you should definitely check out is Stomp.

Stomp is an energetic and unique show that showcases a number of performers that bring creative music to a whole new light. The cast of Stomp will have you tapping your feet as they bring you music from the combination of various impromptu instruments that are made out of miscellaneous objects, like metal trash cans, brooms, 5 gallon drums and kitchen sinks. So, I guess you can say that they use everything, including the kitchen sink. They can make tunes and beats with anything that you can think of. The cast are very talented and very good at what they do, that is why they are still around. If you want an amazing experience at an off-Broadway show, then you certainly have to check out Stomp.

Stomp has been a troupe since 1991. They are originally out of Brighton, U.K., but soon the world heard there talent and they were quickly received around the world. Stomp eventually made its way to New York City in 2006 and has been going strong ever since. In fact, the newest venue for Stomp is at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in world famous Las Vegas, Nevada. Stomp has received numerous awards for their hard work and creativity . This is a perfect show to bring the entire family to, so do not miss out on it.

Stomp is one of the hottest tickets in New York City, so you should go ahead and get your tickets now before they sell out. If you happen to find that the show you want to see is sold out, then all that you have to do is log onto Ticketmomma.com to get the very best deal on sold out Broadway show tickets. Be sure that you take in a showing of Stomp before you leave your trip to New York City.


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