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For a powerful and moving musical while you are visiting Broadway, be sure that you check out Spring Awakening. Spring Awakening's playbook was written by Steven Sater, who also wrote the lyrics for all of the songs in the show and the music was composed by Duncan Sheik. In 1891, a play of the same name was written in Germany and Sater fell in love with the story and it provided the inspiration that he needed to write this musical. Spring Awakening first took to the stage in 2005, playing many venues across the United States. When it made its way to the Atlantic Theatre Company in 2006, in received many great reviews and then headed off to Broadway. It landed a home on Broadway at the Eugene O'Neil Theatre in December of 2006. Sater's story was so powerful and well directed, acted and set up, that it one eight Tony Awards, including Best Featured Actor, Best Book and, most importantly, Best Musical.

Spring Awakening is set in a 19th century German town and revolves around a group of adolescences who are just starting to discover themselves emotionally, physically and sexually. At the beginning of the musical, we meet a young girl named Wendla Bergmann. She is very inquisitive and wants to know some things about life, especially the age-old question: Where do babies come from? She asks her mother, but she is reluctant to tell Wendla the truth, which comes back to haunt Wendla's mother.

Next we meet some of the boys in the musical, Moritz and Melchoir. Melchoir is brilliant young lad that is not afraid to stand up to authority and to fight for what he believes in. Moritz, on the other hand, does not know about the facts of life and reveals to Melchoir that he has been having some crazy dreams, dreams that are of a sexual essences and he feels guilty about having them. Melchoir tells him not to worry, that it is natural and has Moritz read an essay that he has written about the subject at hand. Moritz is disgusted about the dreams that he has been having and does not know why this is happening to him.

The story then turns to the teens in school and how there are coming of age, fantasizing over teachers, men in the village and one boy, Hanshen, masturbates to an explicit picture. About this time, Moritz is finished reading the essay authored by Melchoir and starts to have even crazier and more intense dreams. Melchoir tries to tell his friend that everything is alright and these are natural thoughts that he should not be ashamed, but Mortiz is mortified and takes off. This inspires Melchoir to write another essay about shame. Wendla finds Melchoir writing as she is wondering for flowers and she tells Melchoir about one of her friends who has been physically and sexually abused.

As the story goes on, there is a chain of events that take place that leads to a very dramatic turn of events. So, be sure that you check out this critically acclaimed and award winning musical from Steven Sater. You will not be disappointed by this amazing performance. Get your sold out Broadway tickets for a great price right here at Ticketmomma.com and enjoy your showing of Spring Awakening.


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