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New York City is a great city to vacation in and there are so many things to do when you get there that you might get a bit overwhelmed trying to decide what to do. Sure, New York is filled with landmarks, museums and parks that you can visit, but there is one thing that you have to check out while you are there and that is take in a Broadway show. Now, what show do you want to see? Well, one of the hottest selling tickets in town is South Pacific. South Pacific has been on Broadway for quite a while and is considered to be one of Broadway's best musicals.

South Pacific is based on a 1947 novel titled Tales of the South Pacific, by James A. Michener. That novel won a Pulitzer Price because of its unique storytelling technique; he took his characters and intertwined their stories together so that they all on the same page at the end of the story. Renowned playwrights Oscar Hammerstein and Joshua Logan thought that this story would be a great Broadway musical and wrote the book on it in 1949. Ever since then, South Pacific has been on the theater steam and it does not look like it plans on slowing down any time soon.

South Pacific is a story that takes during World War II, on a United States Naval Base on an island in the Polynesia. Right off of the bat, we are introduced to two children, Ngana and Jerome, and there are half Polynesian and half...well, you will find that out later. On the base there is a hospital and there you will meet Navy nurse Ensign Nellie, who happens to fall for one of the island's residents, the Frenchman Emile de Becque. The two start to form a bond that seems to be leading to something more, but there are some events that take place that halts that advance.

About this time we are introduced to Luther Billis, an U.S. Navy sailor, and U.S. Marine Lieutenant Joe Cable. Billis is trying his hardest to get to the island of Bali Hai to catch a glimpse of a cultural ceremony, Boar's Tooth Ceremony, but he cannot because only officers are allowed on the island. While on the island, Cable is introduced to a local merchant women's daughter, Liat and the two fall in love. Bloody Mary, the merchant lady, wants Cable to marry her daughter, bet he cannot due to some circumstances that we will not go it to right now. Hey, you'll have to watch the show to get the entire story.

The U.S. Navy wants to put Cable on a covert mission to a Japanese held island to help spot the movement of the Japanese fleet. They want to recruit Emile because of his background, and although reluctant at first, eventually he agrees to go along with the mission. The rest of the story you must see for yourself, but that is a general synopsis of this classic Broadway show. Be sure that you check out this show when you are vacationing in New York City.


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