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You can find so many Broadway show to see when you are visiting New York City, but picking which one you want to see maybe hard and what makes it hard is that every show that is on Broadway is awesome. If they were not, then they certainly would not be on Broadway. Well, if you want to see an exciting show that you will be rocking out to all night long, you have to check out Rock of Ages. You will be singing along with the rest of the audience as you watch and listen to the sounds of good old classic rock hits.

Written by Chris D'Arienzo, Rock of Ages is a rock musical and is totally different from your normal Broadway show, that is to say different in a good way. D'Arienzo takes many 1980's hair band music, like hits from Poison, Twisted Sister, Whitesnake, Night Ranger, Starship, Europe, Twisted Sister, Pat Benatar and many more, and turns them into a sort of storytelling technique. The musical started out in Los Angeles in 2006 and then quickly made its way to its new home on Braodway, the Brooks Atkinson Theatre. It has been on a rock and roll ever since.

The story is that of an ambitious young rocker, Drew Bowie, who is trying to land a gig somewhere in the rock and roll scene. When you meet Drew, he will be working his dead-end job in the Bourbon Room club, as a lowly busboy. Not long after you are introduced to Drew, a young woman enters the scene, Sherrie, and he is immediately attracted to her. After Drew and Sherrie talk for a while, Drew reveals his lifelong ambition to play music. Seeing how passionate Drew is, Sherrie uses what she has over him to go out there and chase his dream of becoming a rock star.

While this is going on, there are two developers that have plans for this portion of Los Angeles. Hertz and Fritz want to transform this part of the city into something completely opposite than what it is. They want to tear down all of the clubs and bars, places where potential rock stars get their big break, and build something that is more of a family friendly atmosphere. Not everyone is on board for this idea, especially the city's planning manager, Regina. The three of them continue to argue what would be best for the city. Regina tells the Bourbon's owner, Dennis, about Hertz and Fritz's plans for the city and that his bar will be in the firing line.

Dennis is worried about the fate of his club and decides to put on a benefit show to try and raise money for the cause. He hires one of the top rock bands on the scene to help him out, Arsenal. He knows that this will get much attention because their lead singer, Stacee Jaxx is very popular. As this is happening, Drew and Sherrie are out on a date and all seems to be fine, however, the date falls to ruin when Drew says something that he does not mean to, that they were merely friends. Both become upset and this causes a chain of events that are not exactly good for their would-be relationship.

You will have to get to the Rock of Ages show if you want to find out what happens from here. We certainly do not want to ruin the ending for you. When you arrive, be sure that the first thing that you do is get your tickets because they will sell out fast. If you get there and see that they are sold out, all you have to do is visit Ticketmomma.com to get the best sold out Broadway show tickets for Rock of Ages.


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