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One of the best things to do while you are vacationing in the bustling city of New York is to take in a Broadway show. Broadway shows are one of the main reasons why people from all over the world flock to New York City. They have shows of all kinds, so picking one out of the lot may seem a bit tricky. Well, if you are looking for a great show to see while you are in the area, Promises, Promises is a fantastic show to take in.

Promises, Promises is a story about men and women trying to find that one sacred and specials thing, love. The first act you will be introduced to Chuck Baxter, a single man trying to make the best out of his life and climb to the top of his job, a life insurance firm called Consolidated Life. Chuck has a cozy little apartment in the city and his bosses take notice of that. They claim that they can get Chuck promoted quickly if he would just do one thing for them; allow them to use his apartment for their extra-marital affairs. Chuck agrees and his bosses take full advantage of their new arrangement.

While looking over the reviews that Chuck's bosses passed on for him, the head honcho, J.D. Sheldrake, figures out there little deal and decides that he wants in on the use of the apartment. Chuck agrees and gets the promotion that he wants and a pair of hard to get tickets to the basketball game. Chuck has had his eyes on a girl for quite a while now; a girl that works in his company's cafeteria and her name is Fran Kubelik. After getting the promotion and the tickets that he wanted, Chuck asks Fran to accompany him to the basketball game, a first date, if you will. Fran agrees, but before she meets Chuck at the game, she makes a stop to see her boyfriend that she is going to break up with. During the meeting, Fran's boyfriend convinces her to stand up her would be date and leave with him and she gives in. Chuck is left sitting at the basketball game alone, wondering what happened to his date.

In a strange twist, it is revealed that Fran's boyfriend is none other than Chuck's director, J.D. Sheldrake. Chuck shuts down his operation to all of his bosses except Mr. Sheldrake. This is where we are going to stop telling you the story. If we continue, we will spoil it for you and we want you to go experience this great show for yourself. So, get out there and see Promises, Promises, and you will not be disappointed.


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