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If you are visiting New York City and you want to see one of the best plays in town, then you want to be sure to check out Perfect Crime. Perfect Crime has one thing going for it that no other show in New York City can touch and that is the Perfect Crime is the longest running show in the history of New York City. You know that if a play can make it through season after season and manage to produce 9,000 productions, it has to be great and it is a must see. When you are in New York City, be sure that you get your tickets fast to Perfect Crime, because they will sell out fast. However, if they do, just visit Ticketmomma.com to get the most amazing deal on sold out Broadway show tickets.

The book for the Perfect Crime was written by Warren Manzi in 1980 and has been on the New York City scene since 1987, making it the longest running show in the city. It is a play that tells a story of murder, mystery and is quite suspenseful. When the play begins, we will meet the play's leading character, Margaret Thorn Brent, a predominant and well known psychiatrist who is based in Connecticut. Margaret is played by renowned actress, Catherine Russell, who has held the role of the leading lady since the show's premiere in 1987. The shows starts off with a murder, the murder of Margaret's well to do husband, W. Harrison Brent. The police send out Inspector Acher to investigate this unusual murder and to question Margaret, now the prime suspect in the case. Inspector Acher is a character that is interesting because you do not really know what side he is playing for. Margaret has to deal with the inspector as well as her patient, the demented Lionel McAuley and this is where the play gets mysterious. You never know exactly what is going on or who did what.

Perfect Crime is an shocking thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration of the play. The characters are great and the actors no how to play them with eerie accuracy. So, do not miss out on this awesome Broadway play the next time that you are in the New York City area and do not forget to check out Ticketmomma.com to get a spectacular deal on sold out Broadway show tickets. You will have a great time at Perfect Crime.


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