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With such a variety of Broadway shows to see while you are visiting New York City, you know that you will find the perfect one for you. One of the hottest selling tickets on Broadway right now is Memphis.

The book for Memphis was written by Joe DiPietro and David Bryan and is inspired by the real life story of Dewey Phillips, an Memphis, Tennessee disc jockey. In 2003, Memphis made its debut in Massachusetts at the North Shore Music Theatre. It opened to rave reviews and soon found its way to Broadway. Today, you can see Memphis at its home, Shubert Theatre. Memphis has been nominated for many Tony Awards and actually to home the prize in 2010, for Best Musical.

As stated earlier, Bryan and DiPietro are telling a story of that is based on a Memphis disc jockey and what makes this disc jockey special is that he one of the white men to play, on the air, black music. The story takes place in the 1950's, so the prejudice still runs rampant in the US, and especially in the south, so it was unheard of for this to happen around this time.

At the beginning of the musical, you will be introduced to Huey Calhoun, a young white male. Huey arrives at an African-American night club to hear the fantastic music that is being played. When the customers see Huey come in, they immediately start to leave, but Huey reassures them that he is there for one thing and that is to listen to the music. Huey loved the music that he was listening to and he wanted to share that with the rest of the world. However, there was a problem. There were a select few in town that didn't exactly like that type of music, or more to the point, where it came from. Huey is determined to spread the music that he loves and will stop at nothing to send the message.

After being fired from his job, Huey tries to convince his boss, who just fired him by the way, that if he plays the music that he loves in the store that he could sell records. Reluctantly, the owner agrees, but when Huey surpasses what he said he would sell, the owner tells him to hit the road anyway. However, this does not stop the persistent Huey. Huey scrambles all around town trying to land a job at a radio station as a disc jockey. If he were to land a job there, he could certainly get the music out there. After countless failed attempts at landing a job one radio station owner, Mr. Simmons, has Huey come in and Huey steals the show. Huey plays the music and this infuriates Mr. Simmons, but as he was in the process of removing Huey, his telephone lines rang off of the hook with people demanding more music and more Huey.

There is more to this story, folks, but if you want to know what happens you ought to go and check it out for yourself. Memphis is a true underdog story and you will immediately know why it won Tony Award for best musical. If you cannot find tickets to this amazing show, be sure that you let Ticketmomma.com help you find the sold out Broadway show ticket to Memphis that you need.


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