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If you are taking a trip to the fabulous city of New York and you want to have a great time while you are there, you should definitely check out a Broadway show. You probably already know that there are a ton of things to do while you are in New York City, like visiting the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty or any one of the many museums. You should certainly go around and check out all of these great landmarks and museums, but after you are finished doing all of the tourist stuff, you need to get yourself to a Broadway show. You will notice that there are many shows to choose from, but that is alright because each and every one the shows on Broadway are absolutely amazing. If you are into history and you want to see a show, well then you have to check out Mary Staurt.

Mary Staurt is a play that was written and first premiered in 1800, by German playwright Friedrich Schiller. This Broadway show is a powerful retelling of the story of Mary Queen of Scots and final days as the Queen of Scotland. She is the cousin of the Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England and although the two were royalty, the two led completely different lives. Elizabeth was daughter of King Henry VII and his wife Ann Boleyn. After Henry's death, Elizabeth was moved about and even imprisoned in the Tower of London by her half-sister Mary. Mary thought that Elizabeth was trying for the crown so she had her put in the tower. After Mary died, Elizabeth became queen, but not before she was put through some very trying times.

Mary Queen of Scots, on the other hand, was born a legitimate princess and was married off at an early age to the Dauphin of France, who eventually became King of France and Mary became Queen of France. She was brought up to behave and act like a queen and a princess. Mary was the daughter of King James V of Scotland and when he died unexpectedly, she became not only Queen of France, but Queen of Scotland as well. Mary always thought that she had the right to the English crown because she was a descendant of Margaret Tudor and King Henry VII and Elizabeth was the illegitimate child of Henry VII and Ann Boleyn. This is why there was so much tension between the two queens and this is the premise of the play Mary Staurt.

Mary has been imprisoned by Elizabeth for over twenty years, on English soil. Originally, Mary sought refuge in England because of some circumstances in Scotland, but instead wound up a prisoner until she was executed. The play Mary Staurt shows this, but adds a fictional story line to the real things. This play shows that Mary and Elizabeth actually meet in person, an event that did not happen at all, but the outcome is the same. Mary will not confess to her involvement in a plot to try to steal the English crown away from Elizabeth. Mary also has a fictional character that Schilling made up, Mortimer. His entire goal is to help Mary break free from the shackles of her English oppressors, but alas, he cannot and winds up taking his own life. Elizabeth finds out about this and the rest is history.

Be sure that you check out Mary Staurt, the next time that you are in New York City. For more great deals on sold out Broadway show tickets, log onto Ticketmomma.com and you will be able to get any sold out ticket that you need. You will have a marvelous time at this adaptation of the famous story of Mary Staurt.


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