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When you are looking to take a vacation, you should consider a visiting to the bustling city of New York City. Here you will find so many things to do and see and the trip will leave you with a head and a heart full of memories. So, now you have to decide on what you are going to do first when you get there. You can go do all of the tourist things first, but if you want to do something unique and utterly entertaining, well then you have to make your way to a Broadway show. There are many big plays and musicals to see on Broadway, so let Ticketmomma.com help you with a suggestion. If you want to see something that has a lot of character to it, well then the choice is simple. Check out La Cage aux Folles for a great and entertaining time.

La Cage aux Folles is a unique Broadway musical that was created in 1973 in France. The book for this Broadway version of it opened in 1983, by Harvey Fierstein, while the music and lyrics were written by Jerry Herman. Originally, the Broadway producer Allan Carr wanted to acquire the rights for a French movie of the same name that was released in 1978. Carr was not able to get the rights to the movie and had to settle on the rights to the play that was mentioned previously. After everything was worked out, La Cage aux Folles debuted on Broadway in 1983 and ever since then it has been a hit, winning several Tony Awards.

The musical is about a gay couple George and Albin, who both work at a nightclub called St. Tropez. This is not your ordinary run of the mill nightclub, though, because at this nightclub you can see men dress as women and dance and sing. St. Tropez is a drag revue nightclub. Albin is the person that everyone comes to see because of his flamboyant and explosive personality. George and Albin have managed to stay a couple and share the same living arrangement despite George's son and previous fling with a woman. George's son, Jean-Michel, is engaged to this beautiful young woman, Anne Dindon, and her parents would like to meet Jean-Michel's parents. However, there is a big problem. Anne's father is the top dog for a local group who would like to see the demise of every drag club in town.

Jean-Michel does not want his beloved fiancÚ's father to find out the truth about his father and his father's lover, so he asks Albin to leave while his real mother comes to dinner and meets Anne's parents. There is yet another problem when Sybil, Jean-Michel's mother, decides that she is not going to attend this dinner. So, Albin takes the initiative and dresses in drag to portray Jean-Michel's mother. Of course, this meeting goes horribly wrong and a gigantic scene erupts in the restaurant. Sorry, but that is all of this story that you are going to get out of us. We are not going to be the ones who spoil it for you. Just grab a sold out Broadway show ticket for La Cage aux Folles at Ticketmomma.com and find out firsthand what happens in the rest of the story.


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