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Going to New York City is one of the best trips that you can ever take. It is one of the most visited cities in the world and you will see why when you go there. There are many reasons why people flock from all over to visit this magnificent city. Some consider it one of the most prevalent fashion cities in the world. The architectural design of buildings in New York is absolutely phenomenal and the landmarks are a great thing to visit while you are there. With all of this, what could there possibly be to make your experience in New York City better? Well, that is an easy question to answer: Broadway. If you have not been to a Broadway show and you are in the city well then that should be at the top of your list. Check out the Broadway show La BÍte for one of the most entertaining nights that you will have on your visit.

La BÍte is one of the enthralling shows that you will see on Broadway. It is a comedy, of sorts, that was written by David Hirson. When such famous names in Broadway, like Andrew Lloyd Weber and Stuart Ostrow, through their financial backing behind a show, you know it is going to be a big hit. They, along with director Richard Jones, knew that they had a good think with La BÍte, and they debuted the comedy on February 10, 1991 at the Eugene O'Neil Theatre. AlthoughLa BÍte was not an instant Broadway hit, the show transferred across the pond to find a home at London's West end where it was met with open arms and became a huge success. Now, however, you can catch the widely entertaining revival of La BÍte on Broadway at the Music Box Theatre.

La BÍte is a story about a foolish and fashionable performer, Valere, who makes his living traveling the streets and entertaining everyone along the way. He has caught the attention of a rival, the arrogant and pompous leader of a theatrical troupe named Elomire. Although Elomire does not care for Valere's style, the Prince wants Valere and Elomire's troupe to be a team. Elomire is whole-heartedly opposed to this merger, but reluctantly joins anyway. This results in a series of unfortunate events for Elomire, but we will not go into that here, as you will have to attend a showing of La BÍte to see what happens.

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