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When you are vacationing in fabulous New York City and you are looking to see a world famous Broadway show, well then you should definitely check out Chicago. The musical Chicago is one of the hottest running musical anywhere on Broadway. This is one hit show that you do not want to miss while you are staying in the city. So, if you are in the mood for some of that razzle dazzle that you would expect from a Broadway show, make your way over to see Chicago.

Chicago is set during a time in America where the flappers where out in force, where there was a speakeasy on every corner and booze was outlawed because of Prohibition. This is a story of the injustice of the criminal justice system in Chicago at the time. Right off of the bat, you meet former vaudevillian, Velma Kelly, who is serving hard time for committing a crime of passion. She murdered her husband and sister in cold blood after catching them in the act of knowing each other carnally. Next, you are introduced to Roxie Hart, who has just been arrested for the murder of Fred Casely, who just happened to be the "other man" in Roxy's life. Roxy is married to a fellow named Amos, who actually agrees to take the blame for the murder after Roxy tells him that the murder was in self defense.

Roxy winds up going to jail where she meets Velma, who is the "star" of the prison. Well, not to be outdone, Roxy quickly rises up to celebrity status, much to the chagrin of Velma. As this rivalry continues between Velma and Roxy, Roxy hires Velma's lawyer, Billy Flynn and she persuades her husband Amos to pay for him. When Velma stars rising up in popularity again, Roxy comes up with a plan, a plan that will put her back on top. She releases a statement that she is pregnant and the press goes wild and she once again is the star. Her poor husband is convinced that the child is his and stands by Roxy's side. Without giving away the ending of the musical, the battle goes back and forth and a sober moment comes to Roxy in act two and she needs to get out of that prison.

This is one of the longest running shows on Broadway and you will see why when you attend a showing. Be sure that you get your tickets fast, but if you find that the show that you want to attend is sold out, just log onto Ticketmomma.com for the best deals on sold out Broadway show tickets.


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