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When you are visiting New York City, finding a Broadway show to see is easy. All that you have to do is pick out the one that you want to attend and get your Broadway tickets. It is as simple as that. However, sometimes show sell out and you are left trying to find tickets to the next showing or tickets to an entirely different show. Well, you do not have worry about that because all that you have to do is go to Ticketmomma.com to get your sold out Broadway tickets. One show that you want to get your tickets for fast is Billy Elliot. You will have a great time when you attend a showing of Billy Elliot on Broadway.

Billy Elliot has been on the Broadway scene since 2008 and is derived from the 2000 movie of the same name. The story takes place in County Durham, England, during a rough and turbulent time in that part of the country due to the massive coal miner's strike in 1984. Billy is an eleven year old boy who has lost is mother and lives with his father, his brother and his grandmother. Billy's father and brother are miners that on strike from the coal mine. Even though Billy's father is on strike, he still manages to pay for Billy's boxing lessons. He does this in hopes that Billy will become something other than a miner. However, after witnessing a dance class, Billy decides to secretly take the money that his father has given him for boxing practice and attend dance class. No one knows his secret expect his loving grandmother and she supports him in his decision.

Mrs. Wilkinson, the ballet teacher, quickly notices that Billy has some dancing skills and Billy becomes friends with Debbie, Mrs. Wilkinson's daughter. When Billy's father finds out that Billy has spent the boxing practice money on dancing class, he becomes outraged and tells Billy that he is not to attend anymore dancing classes. Mrs. Wilkinson cannot let this talented boy fall by the wayside, so she offers to teach him privately and for free. However, once again Billy's father manages to ruin it all and Billy does dance for quite a while. Eventually, Billy comes around, and with the encouragement of Mrs. Wilkinson, Billy returns to dancing.

This is a wonderfully inspirational Broadway show. It has t be a great show when you hear the fabulous music that was written by none other than Sir Elton John. Do not miss out on this show when you are visiting Broadway and New York City.


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