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Avenue Q is a Broadway play that is very unique and is not quite what you would expect to be a Broadway show. The book was written by Jeff Whitty, but Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez actually came up with the idea for this one of a kind musical and they wrote the music and lyrics, as well. Avenue Q debuted at the Vineyard Theatre in March 2003. The word spread quickly about this entertaining show and it was rapidly relocated to its new home on Broadway where it as well received. From there, Avenue Q took off and the cast and crew's hard work paid off, because in 2003, Avenue Q was nominated a few Tony Awards and took home the Best Musical trophy and two others. Now, Avenue Q is on tour and you can also catch it in Las Vegas and at London's West End.

When the musical begins, you will be introduced to Princeton, who just graduated from college with a B.A. in English and he has no idea what to do next in his life. Now, he needs to find employment, a place to live and, more importantly, a purpose. He is finding you that even with a B.A., it is very hard to find employment, especially when the only work experience that you have is home work. After searching and searching for a reasonably priced place to live, Princeton finds an apartment on a street name Avenue Q. It is there that he meets his neighbors, Kate Monster, roommates Rod and Nicky, Brian and Christmas Eve, Trekkie Monster and Gary Coleman. As you can already imagine just by looking at the some of the names, this is going to be on heck of an experience for dear old Princeton and not only because of their personalities, but because all of them are puppets. You will notice that some of the characters mentioned bear a striking resemblance to some of the puppets that frequent another street, Sesame Street.

Katie and Princeton hit is off right off of the bat and Princeton makes Katie a mixed tape and asks her on a date. All goes well and they see one of their neighbors, Brian, who is doing a stand up act at the lounge where Princeton and Katie happen to be on a date. Princeton and Katie have a great time on their date, and afterwards as well and eventually tell each other of their love towards one another. The relationship seems to be rolling along, that is until Brian and Christmas Eve's weeding. At the wedding, Princeton admits that he has a bit of a problem with commitment and this is confirmed when Christmas Eve's bouquet is caught by no other than Katie. Princeton freaks out and immediately tells Katie that he just wants to be friends and then Katie freaks out.

By the end of the show everything works out and another would be tenant strolls upon Avenue Q in the same position that Princeton was a few years earlier. This is a marvelous story and you will make you laugh and think about the time when you may have been in a similar situation. If you are in New York City and you want to have a great night at a Broadway musical, be sure that you check out the award winning Avenue Q. You can get hard to get and sold out Broadway tickets for Avenue Q right here at Ticketmomma.com.


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