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So, it is time to take a little getaway and this time you are taking a trip to world famous New York City. When you arrive, you will immediately notice that there are so many things to do and see and you may have a hard time deciding what to do first. The night life is absolutely amazing in New York City, but if you want a break from the clubs and music, all you have to do is take a stroll down Broadway and pick a show to see. It does not matter what show you pick because if it is one Broadway, you know it is going to be an excellent show. You should definitely check out Anything Goes for a great Broadway experience. You will have a great time when you attend a showing of Anything Goes.

Anything Goes was written way back in 1934 by P.G. Wodehouse and Guy Bolton and the music was written by Cole Porter. The musical changed names a few times before the creators came up with Anything Goes. An interesting fact about the story is that it was originally supposed to take place on a luxurious cruise liner that was in distress, but they writers had to change the story around because of a terrible accident that happened aboard a passenger ship. Since 1937, Anything Goes was re-work two times, once in 1962 and once in 1987. The 1987 version of Anything Goes is considered the revival version of the musical and went on to win a Tony Award and a Drama Desk Award for Best and Outstanding Revival.

The story of Anything Goes starts off on the docks in New York, and this is where we meet Billy Crocker. Billy is there to send off his employer, Elisha J. Whitney. The two are a part of the same Wall Street firm and Whitney is on his way to London to make a huge business deal. Billy is also there to send off his friend, Reno Sweeny. He is waving and saying his goodbyes to the two when his eyes wonder off to a beautiful young lass who is standing on the deck of the S.S. America. The striking young lady is famed heiress Hope Harcourt. Hope is traveling to London with her mother and her snobby and inauspicious fiancÚ, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. Billy knows right then and there that he has to meet this delicate women and he needs to win her heart.

Billy decides to take a chance and sneaks aboard the S.S. America in hopes to catch Hope. His is aided by two unlikely friends, a couple of low-grade mobsters, "Moonface" Martin and Erma. They are able to get aboard quite easily by dressing up as the ships chaplain and assistant, all while the real chaplain is tied up back at the dock. As luck would have it, Billy is able to meet Hope and the two immediately fall in love. In fact, they both reveal that they have not been able to shake one another out of their thoughts since they first shared glances not long ago. However, Billy's disguise is quickly wearing off and the people on the ship mistake Billy for Snake Eyes Johnson, otherwise known as Public Enemy 1. Moonface and Erma accidentally forgot about Snake Eyes when they boarded the ship with Billy.

Hilarity ensues as the characters work together to try and break up Hope and Evelyn so that her and Billy can be together. This is one hilarious Broadway musical that you do not want to miss out while you are in New York City. Be sure that you get your sold out Broadway show tickets from right here at Ticketmomma.com.


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