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The Toronto Maple Leafs, or TML by fans, are part of the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference and part of the Original Six in the NHL. They are based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and were founded in 1917 under the name Toronto Blueshirts then renamed Arenas in 1918, again as St. Patricks in 1919, and finally their current name in 1927. They have had a long and bitter rivalry with the Montreal Canadiens and their thirteen championships are beaten only by the Canadiens' twenty-four. They also have not won a single cup since the 1967 expansion in what is known to be the longest-active droubt in the NHL. They are however projected as the most valuable team in the NHL valued at four hundred and seventy million dollars in 2009 beating out both the Montreal Canadiens and the New York Rangers. The Maple Leaf history is riddled with disputes, deaths, and bitter rivalries. The two most notable instances involving players are between Eddie Shore and Ace Bailey in which Shore ended Ace's career with a powerful back check knocking Ace's head into the ice and the "Barilko Curse" which entailed Bill Barilko winning the teams fourth cup, then going missing for a decade, and the discovery of his wrecked plane ten years. The discovery coincided with their next cup win believed to effectively end the curse. Their most recent season, 2009-10 has them winning thirty games, losing thirty-eight, and fourteen overtime losses with seventy-four points overall!


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