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Founded in 1974 as parts of the Eastern Conference, in the Atlantic Division, the New Jersey Devils, have fought hard to gain respect in the league. They were originally known as the Kansas City Scouts and much like many other expansion founded teams, they had an atrocious start, doing just slightly better than the Washington Capitals with twelve season wins compared to the Capitals' eight. In their opening season they only managed to cling to forty-one points and by one hundred and sixty games into the second season, only won twenty-seven games total. They hit an economic brick wall and ended up being moved to Colorado and renamed the Colorado Rockies until 1982 when they returned as the New Jersey Devils. Their new name, logo, and appearance was accompanied by new management as well. In fact, they had eight different managers, coaches, or captains in seven years. During this period of rapid transition, they lost almost every first round elimination playoff until the acquisition of former Montreal Canadiens player, Lou Lamoriello as president. He quickly made himself the head coach, and adopted a much more defensive play style for the team. Implementing what is no known as the "neutral zone trap," he pushed the team to their first Stanley Cup victory, but was criticized for making the NHL "boring" since he did not stress aggressive goal scoring strategy. Most recently, their 2009-10 season record credits them with forty-eight wins, twenty-seven losses, seven overtime losses, and one hundred and three season points!


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