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The Columbus Blue Jackets are a very new hockey team coming from Columbus, Ohio in 2000. They are the furthest east team in the Western Conference and are part of the Central Division. Just last season they qualified for their first Stanley Cup Playoff, being the last contemporary team not to participate in a playoff. Their style and name are heavily based upon Ohio's strong involvement in the Civil War. The start of the franchise was unknown when it was posed to the public to have taxes pay for the new stadium. If the referendum failed, it was believed the team would not be expanded from Columbus as there were other expansion bids and the NHL would not spend money to construct the arena. This however did not come to pass as the company, Nationwide, announced they would construct the stadium when the public referendum did fail. Subsequently, the city of Columbus was granted an expansion team and the Columbus Blue Jackets were formed. Their first regular season game stung as they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks for a score of five to three. In their game with the Calgary Flames, the first and only fan fatality occurred when a deflected puck by Derek Morris of the Flames went into the stands and struck Brittanie Cecil in the temple resulting in her death two days later. The Blue Jackets now hold donations for the Brittanie Cecil Memorial Fund at each game, and the NHL installed nets at either end of the rink every season following to ensure that the tragedy never happens again. Their 2009-10 season marks them as having thirty-two wins, thirty-five losses, fifteen overtime losses, and seventy-nine season points!


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