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The Chicago Blackhawks, of Chicago, Illinois, were founded in 1926 and were one of the illustrious "Original Six" teams. Being in Chicago, they are in the Western Conference and part of the Central Division. Since their founding, they have held the Stanley Cup four times and division title as much as fourteen times. Their first game was against the Toronto St. Pats, now the Toronto Maple Leafs, which they won four to one. The club was founded by Frederic McLaughlin, a coffee tycoon, and under his management made the Blackhawks the first team with an All-American Roster. Their longest Stanley Cup drought, between 1938 and 1961 is noted as the second longest drought in the league behind the New York Rangers drought at fifty-four years. The Stanley Cup has been in their possession in 1934 by defeating the Detroit Red Wings, 1938 by defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs, 1961 by defeating the Detroit Red Wings again, and finally, 2010 when they overcame the Philadelphia Flyers four to two. After his father died in 2007, Rocky Wirtz took control of the franchise as majority share holder. He has instated radically different policies than his father, and as a result, made the Blackhawks a profitable marketing juggernaut. They are the current holders of the latest Stanley Cup with a 2009-10 record of fifty-two wins, twenty-two losses, eight overtime losses, and one hundred and twelve points for the season!


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