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With the longest opening winning streak in league history at ten games from 2006-07, The Buffalo Sabres have shown to be a competitive force among its peers. Founded in 1970 by Northrup and Seymour Knox III, they are based in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference out of Buffalo, New York. Originally, their home games were played at the Buffalo Memorial Auditorium. They quickly drafted a future Hall of Famer, Gilbert Perreault, that scored thirty-eight goals his rookie season and was awarded the Calder Memorial Trophy for Rookie of the Year. Shortly thereafter, Rick Martin and Rene Robert were drafted and traded in respectively and the trio became a force to be reckoned with. The three forwards, all of French-Canadian origin, were nicknamed "The French Connection" and despite never winning a Stanley Cup, were consistently chosen as part of the All-Star team because of their cohesive force in the rink. In their 1974-75 season, the team was recovering from a subpar previous season in which they did not reach play offs, by advancing to the finals and finishing in a tie for the best record of the season. During the finals, the Fog and Bat game took place, in which unusual heat filled the stadium with fog, and during play a bat was killed by a player. Widely considered to be a bad omen, the team won the game, but lost the finals to Philadelphia. Their 2009-10 season left them with forty-five wins, twenty-seven losses, ten overtime losses, and one hundred points!


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