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Based in Boston, Massachusetts since 1924, the Boston Bruins are honored as the first American team in the NHL, and part of the Original Six Teams. Of the American teams, the Bruins have the second highest Stanley Cup wins with five. Their names originated from the Old English word for brown bear in order to depict a powerful, cunning, and fast animal. Their first game, in the Boston Arena, was against the Maroons and resulted in a 2-1 Win. The season did not end well though, as they managed only 6-24-0 and last place. Their third season noted a decided improvement as closures westward allowed the owner to hire several western stars, including the famous Eddie Shore. That season, they slid into the playoffs with a win ratio one game better than fifty percent. The playoffs were short though after a quick loss to the Ottawa Senators. The next season would prove to be a standard maker in which the Bruins maintained a .875 win percentage from victory in thirty-eight of forty-four games which has not been broken since. Following a move from Boston Garden in 1995, their home since 1928, the Boston Bruins have been stationed in the TD Garden. As of their 2009-10 season, the Bruins have record of thirty-nine wins, thirty losses, thirteen overtime losses, and ninety-one points!


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