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Originally the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, named after the Disney Film's Movie Team "Mighty Ducks," were owned by the Disney Corporation but as per new ownership are known as the Anaheim Ducks today. The team was founded in 1993 when the NHL approved the new expansion team. At the opening of their existence, the team was voted to have the most fashionable jerseys in sports. The Ducks are part of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference because of their position in California. For several years, the Ducks were a property of the Disney Corporation until the league lockout loomed and Disney wanted to sell away the team before losses compounded. They were first offered forty million for the team which was less than their initial price but eventually Broadcom co-founder, Henry Samueli and his wife bought the team for seventy-five million. The team was given a completely new style and look in 2007 opting to distance themselves from the Disney interpretation of the team by radically changing the name, logo, team colors, and style of the jerseys. With the new ownership, came an upheaval of the management and coordination staff which led to the first Stanly Cup victory so far and an overall superior quality of play from the team. They triumphed over the Ottawa Senators in game five with a score of six to two. This was also the first time a West Coast team had won the Cup since 1925 by the Victoria Cougars. Their most recent statistics, as of the 2009-10 season, are thirty-nine wins, thirty-two losses, eleven overtime losses, and eighty-nine season points.


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