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The Seattle Seahawks were brought into the National Football League in 1976 as an expansion team along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Presently, the Seattle Seahawks have been categorized into the Western Division of the National Football Conference within the NFL. Interestingly, the Seahawks are the only team in the NFL that has played as members of both the American Football Conference as well as the National Football Conference.

The supervision of the team has fallen under the hands of men who are part of some of the largest and wealthiest corporations in the world. When expansion began, the Seattle Seahawks were granted to John Nordstrom, owner of the now large scale department store called Nordstrom. Although the Nordstrom family no longer owns the team, the Seattle Seahawks are now owned by billionaire and Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.

In the first season of the Seattle Seahawks football legacy, quarterback Jim Zorn was publicly acclaimed for his efforts on the team with over 2,500 passing yards. He was also awarded with the league’s top offensive rookie for the year. That wasn’t the only good news that came from season one. The first head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Jack Patera brought the team to a winning season. For his efforts, Patera was honored with coach of the year for 1978. Steve Largent and Curt Warner also made history with the Seahawks when they both made their first 1,000 yard seasons with the team.

The name or mascot, Seahawks, was introduced as part of a fan naming contest that brought in over 20,000 naming entries. Seahawks was chosen thanks to Peninsula High School whose school mascot is the Seahawks as well 151 other entries that also chose the name.


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