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The Pittsburgh Steelers are an American Football Team, and date back to 1933. They are the oldest team in the American Football Conference having played in every game to date and are tied with the Dallas Cowboys for championship appearances at 14 games each. Their most recent Super Bowl Victory was February 1, 2009 and they have been in at least one Super Bowl every decade since it was created. The Steelers were originally known as the Pittsburgh Pirates, and is now run by Dan Rooney, although his son Art Rooney II has most of the control over the franchise.

The Steeler franchise has never left the Rooney family and over the years, the fan base has grown to be known as the “Steeler Nation.” The team’s former coach, Bill Cowher, brought the team to six playoffs in his first six seasons as head coach. He also led the team to the playoffs for two thirds of his stay with the team with ten of his fifteen seasons resulting in a playoff competition and one Super Bowl Victory. The 2009 season for the Steelers was recorded at nine wins, and seven losses. They placed third in the AFC North Division and Ben Reothlisberger got the honor of Team MVP.


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