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Get ready for some major NFL action when your Philadelphia Eagles truck onto the field. The Eagles can trace their lineage way back to 1933, when they were introduced to the National Football league. When the Eagles first busted on the NFL scene, it was during a time when America was trying to get out of the worst economic depression in American history. At the time, President Franklin put together a plan to help America to pull out of the depression. It was called the New Deal. The New Deal was symbolized by a great American icon, the eagle. Well, since the Eagles were based in Philadelphia, a city that itself is a symbol of what America can do, the owner knew that the Eagles would be a perfect name and identity.

The Eagles have had a pretty successful history in the National Football League. They are part of the NFC East and are a team that should not be taken lightly. In their time, they have seen 11 divisional championships, 23 playoff games and 3 NFL Super Bowl championships. The Eagles fans are some of the most loyal in the NFL. The Philadelphia Eagles have had a long standing rivalry with the Dallas Cowboys that stems back from their first contest against each other in 1960. Their rivalry used to get so heated that the fans, at whatever stadium the other would play, would toss things from the stands onto the field and sometimes even the players and coaches. In 1989, the two teams met on a Thanksgiving Day and that got so bad that from that day forth it was known as the Bounty Bowl, and still is to this day.

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