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There are many teams in the National Football League that have made quite a name for themselves over the years and the Cleveland Browns are certainly one of those teams. The Cleveland Browns play in the AFC North and they play their home games at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Cleveland Browns Stadium is also affectionately known as the Dawg Pound by their enthusiastic fans. The Browns saw their first year in 1946, and they have had a pretty successful franchise since. However, it was not always smooth sailing for the Cleveland Browns.

The team, and its fans, had a bit of a shake up after the 1995 season. The Browns had a less than stellar season, finishing 5-11. It did not help the morale of the team much when Brown's owner Art Modell decided that it would be best if the team was relocated. After much discussion, Modell approved the offer that Baltimore had given him and he published his decision to the public. The fans were outraged by the decision and let the owner know exactly how unhappy they were at the final game of the season. The fans become so infuriated that they started ripping up the seats in the stands and tossing them out on the football field. The Browns then went into what the NFL called "inactivity" from 1996-1999.

In 2009, the Cleveland Browns were back and eager to get back on the field and give the fans what they were waiting on for 3 long years, some great gridiron action. Today, the Browns are a team to watch out for and every time that you watch them play, you can see the legacy from which they came. When you are looking for Cleveland Brown tickets, you need look no further than can offer some of the best deals on sold out NFL tickets that you can find anywhere on the web. Don't miss out on a Browns game just because it is sold out. Instead, head right here to Ticketmomma for your tickets.


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