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Everything began mid July of 1986 when Jerry Richardson met with a group to discuss taking part of the competition that would produce two new NFL expansion teams. Five months later, the bid calling for a team to call the Carolinas its home, was announced. The Carolina Panthers came into existence in 1993 after a unanimous vote from NFL owners to choose the Carolinas as the next place for expansion. This was the 29th NFL franchise and the first team since 1976 to be brought in as an expansion team.

Owner and founder, Jerry Richardson, was overwhelmed with joy on the day the announcement was made. Full of excitement under the fireworks lighting up the night sky of Charlotte, Richardson celebrated this historic event with the millions of people living in North and South Carolina who now had a team to take pride in. In addition to that history in the making, ownership history was made as this was only the second time a former NFL player owned a NFL team. Consideration for a stadium location took in both North and South Carolina as possibilities, but uptown Charlotte was eventually chosen to have a stadium build that would seat more than 70,000 people. Once the stadium was opened, more than 8,000 club seats and all luxury boxes were sold out within the first day of going on sale – resulting in 15,000 pieces of mail related to orders in the first day alone. The people of North and South Carolina rallied to show the unending support for the new team. Governors and senators of both states showed their support in giving ways that united the people of the Carolinas.


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