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You know a football “bowl” has become a lasting tradition when it has been around for twenty years. Well when people hear the words “The Cotton Bowl,” an entirely new definition for a “bowl” comes to mind. The Cotton Bowl has been around since 1937, that's seventy three years, and it's still going. This college football bowl game is played annually at The Cotton Bowl every year, a stadium literally named after the event. The stadium was opened in 1932, shortly before the Cotton Bowl came into existence, and was originally named the Fair Park Stadium, because of its location in Fair Park. However it was just announced that the 2010 January First Cotton Bowl game will be held in the Cowboys Stadium. This marks a new era for the tradition, as this is the first time it has been held anywhere besides the Cotton Bowl Stadium. Because of the overwhelming amount of spectators it had to be moved to a more accommodating stadium, the Cowboys Stadium can comfortably seat 110,000 screaming fans. With the announcement of the stadium transfer it was decided that the Cotton Bowl Classic would enter the Bowl Championship Series, which is currently featuring the Fiesta Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl. However, shortly after ESPN acquired the rights to the Bowl Championship Series the idea was abandoned. However the Cotton Bowl can re-request their acceptance as early as 2015. The sponsor for the game has changed roughly every ten years; some of the recent sponsors have been Mobil Oil, Southwestern Bell Corporation and the most recent of sponsors AT&T. Since the Cotton Bowl was founded in 1937 on the Texas State Fair Grounds it quickly became a fan favorite and a state tradition. The first game was between Fort Worth's TCU and Marquette, with Fort Worth leading an impressive game 16-6. Unlike other bowls the Cotton Bowl had a huge attendance since the start, with a total of 17,000 in the first year. Unfortunately the game actually lost money that year; however in 1938 they endeavored to try again with a successful attendance of 37,000. Over the years the Cotton Bowl picked up pace. With more teams participating and more people showing it became a concrete event. During the 2009 game the Cotton Bowl Stadium was sold out and 88,175 fans came to watch the Texas Tech Red Raiders take on the Ole Miss Rebels of the Southeastern Conference. The match ended with a 47 to 34 game the Ole Miss Rebels being victorious. With the move to the new stadium the attendance is expected to be sold out, meaning that roughly 110,000 people will be able to participate this year in the massive Cowboys Stadium. The Cowboy Stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world, and this years Cotton Bowl is expected to be the biggest and most energetic yet! With so much fun and entertainment going into this annual game its easy to see why it has become a fan favorite, and soon a possible participant in the Bowl Championship Series!


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