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The further you head down south the more the sports migrate from professional to college, and when it comes to sports the south know how to celebrate football. College football is a huge thing in the south, and when you get to Florida you can tell that this state is rooting for a team day in and day out. So when you hear about the bowls in Florida you know it's big, beg enough to get the whole state filled with anticipation and excitement. Well one of the biggest bowls in the state is the Champs Sports Bowl, and its located right in the center of everything; Orlando. Orlando and the surrounding area is the number one destination for vacations, that means the area is teeming with tourists and guests, which just adds to the number of people who are in the area during the huge event. The Champs Sports Bowl is a relatively young bowl; it has only been around for twenty years, that's almost thirty years shy of the majority of bowl games around the U.S. When the game was originally hosted it occupied the Pro Player Stadium, a large arena that seated 75,192 fans. The Champs Sports Bowl was located here from 1990 when the game first started to 2000 when it was moved to Orlando's Citrus Bowl. While the size of the Citrus Bowl is roughly the same of the Pro Player Stadium the accommodations as well as convenience of its location ensured that the every seat would be filled. The choice to move the game to another stadium also moved the Champs Sports Bowl away from the Orange Bowl, who had already made its home in Miami. The Citrus Bowl is also run by a non-profit group who organizes not only the Champs Sports Bowl but the Capital One Bowl and the Florida Classic, this group has both the experience and resources to make each year a successful celebration. In previous years the game was organized and executed by Raycom Sports, who were trying to add another popular bowl along side the already successful Orange Bowl, the results show that they succeeded. To start the new game off the help of Blockbuster the infamous movie rental company was brought in. Blockbuster originally got the game on its feet over a three year period ensuring that it would become a lasting tradition. The inaugural game was a surprise to all involved when the two teams Florida State and Penn State attracted over 74,000 fans to the Joe Robbie Stadium. Most bowls on their starting year are lucky to break 10,000; however the success of the Champs Sports Bowl is blatantly obvious. For such a short life span the Champs Sports Bowl seems to have changed names in rapid succession, these names include: Sunshine Classic, Blockbuster Bowl, Carquest Bowl, MiconPc Bowl, Visit Florida Tangerine Bowl and Mazda Tangerine Bowl. For the past twenty years the Champs Sports Bowl has been bringing fun, entertainment and sports to Central Florida every year, and you can get in on the action!


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