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Our nation's capital, a fantastic city that has so many things to offer, but most importantly they have a basketball team that has the opportunity to do incredible things. The Washington Wizards are a team that have been known for doing some astonishing things in the past and now they are looking to shock everyone by becoming the team to beat this season. In order for this team to achieve greatness they are going to have to do things they've never done before and try harder than they ever have. The Wizards work hard everyday to become a contender in this league and really have a strong passion for the game of basketball. Being on the Eastern Conference this season is going to be tough this year with so many other strong competitive teams but it will also be good to see how teams stand up against each other. Not only is the Eastern Conference going to be the one to watch this season but the division that the Wizards represent, the Southeast is the one that everyone has been talking about lately. So if you're looking for some magic on the court then why not go catch a Wizard's game?

Going to Washington D.C. is something that every American needs to do, it's flooded with history and is truly a fantastic place to visit, and while you're there visiting the memorials, museums, and sites, the next thing on your list to see should be the Verizon Center, where the Wizards like to call home. This arena is right in the heart of downtown Washington and is one of the many sights in D.C. that will just leave you in awe at how great this city's legacy is. The Wizards have a long history behind them and D.C is quite the historic place so it's time for the Wizards to start a new history and legacy and become the team that everyone talks about in seasons to come. The Wizard's starting lineup includes Josh Howard, John Wall, Andray Blatche, JaVale McGee, and Gilbert Arenas who all put everything they have into the game and really show all the passion and energy they have each time they play. Fans give off a positive energy that the team feeds off of to play well so it's important that all 20,173 seats of the "Phone Booth" are filled. So if you don't have any plans tonight why not sport the blue, black and gold jersey and go catch a Wizards game, trust me, you're in for a good time.


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