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Toronto is a city that has proven itself time and time again with its sports teams and the Raptors are no exception. This team is incredible and has a knack for basketball that goes along with the passion and love they have for the game. Scientists have proven that Raptors have become extinct many years ago; however, they are extremely wrong. The Raptors are here to stay and have been terrorizing all the teams in the NBA. And if stats aren't enough evidence that the Raptors still exist then just try going to a game and see that these Raptors are truly still around. The Raptors are a team that appears on Sports Center every now and then because of their phenomenal performance on the court. This season the Raptors are planning on appearing on all sports programs because of their incredible wins and surprising upset dominations. This team is tired of hearing how "great" other teams are doing, they plan on becoming the team in the NBA that is a true contender and defeats anyone who stands in their way of the title. It's time for a new team to emerge into greatness and the Raptors have the opportunity to become that team.

Try taking a trip up to the Air Canada Centre and watching as this team creates a legacy. Toronto is a really neat city by itself but one of the sites you need to see is this Arena, especially on game night. You can join 19,799 of your closest friends to cheer on the Raptors as they embark on their journey to excellence. Basketball games are a good time and the energy that the fans give off during a game is just what the team needs to feed off of so that they can play to the best of their ability. Basketball games are really upbeat experiences that give off good energy and provide a great time. The Raptors emanate this energy into the surrounding community and are really something great to be a part of. If you don't have any plans tonight and you happen to be in the Toronto area then I have found the thing for you, hit up a Raptors game and sport the red and black jersey, you'll be able to escape from the world for a night and just have a great time.


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