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If you're rocking the black and silver of the San Antonio Spurs then you are in a good place in life, you've got a great team to cheer for, with fantastic players, and an incredible program. The Spurs are that one team that just seem to have everything going for them and are a real genuine group of guys. They have six Division titles under their belt from this new millennium alone, and to add to that, they have both four Conference Titles as well as four Championship titles. This team is beginning to become a legacy. They plan on adding more titles to their collection in the very near future, they are not a team to underestimate or count out because they could be what stop the "usual" teams from winning. The Spurs have a great starting line-up; they've got Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess, Manu Ginobili, and Richard Jefferson taking the court first, who wouldn't want these guys starting a game off? With an all-star line up, some great experience and a strong passion for the game, this team should show everybody that they are the ones to beat. The Spurs are here to stay, and they are here to win, watch out for them.

What could be better than going to a game at the AT&T Center? Well, not too much. This facility is ideal for basketball and is in prime location so that it can connect with the rest of the community in great ways. Fans can interact in ways never imagined at this arena, there's just something special happening at this place that can leave a person feeling uplifted and positive. In fact, three out of the four championships that the Spurs have won have taken place right here in this arena. This is proof that this center has the energy that the Spurs need to feed off of during games. It's a great experience to go to a basketball game and it's great to be a Spurs fan. This is their time, their destiny, their legacy. Fans have a chance to be a part of all this if they just give support. It's important to lift the team up in the bad times, cheer them on in the good times, and fill up all 18,797 seats so that the Spurs know they have support and will stand and deliver for all fans!


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