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Do you believe in magic? The Orlando Magic is a championship caliber basketball team located in the heart and soul of Florida. In fact, many would say that the Magic are the soul of this upbeat town that has a lot going on. With super star players like Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, Jameer Nelson, and Mickael Pietrus, this team has it all going on. This is a team that gets the crowd pumped and they really get a lot of support from the city of Orlando. With a new arena opening up this season and a positive outlook on the play-offs, the Magic are ready to redefine greatness. Although many people are talking up the "new" Miami team, the Magic are going to be the real team to watch. They have great energy, great fans, great players, and a great state-of-mind, this team is epic. The Magic have 3 division titles within this new millennium and have one conference title, everything is falling into place and this team is looking to dominate the NBA.

The new Amway Arena opens this season and the team hopes to fill this one with as much energy and passion as they did with the last one. The new facility should be a great uplift for the team and it will be a fantastic place to catch a game. The Magic are known for greats, with a past history of having players like Shaquille O'Neal, or Tracy McGrady, or even Penny Hardaway on your team and currently having Superman on the team is a pretty good deal. Dwight Howard is an incredible athlete, a stand out person, and a top-notch role-model. He is the face of the Magic and is just a thoroughly good guy. Howard tends to play on top of his game with fans pack the stands of a game. Going to a Magic game is definitely an awesome experience, the games have so much to offer and they really get fans involved in everything that goes on. Basketball is an intense, fast-pace, passionate game. What's so great about watching it is because there are tons of play time, limited time-outs, and incredible performances. It's easy to get hooked on the game and it's very enjoyable to watch. So escaping from the world for a night and going out to see a game isn't a bad idea.

So although a castle and a large mouse might be the reason you come to the central Florida area, the best time you will have will most definitely be at an Orlando Magic game!


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