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Memphis Tennessee is having a real problem with bears lately, Grizzly Bears, these bears are taking over the town and tearing up any visiting basketball team that they see in their sites. It's quite unfortunate for those teams but the thing is, the townspeople actually support what the Grizzlies are doing. So if you're a visiting basketball team then beware but if you're going to see what's going on in this town then you are in for a treat because it is truly a site to see. The Memphis Grizzlies are a team that leave no doubt on the court and put every ounce of heart and passion that they have into every single game. This team is often underestimated and needs to be seen as a competitor because they could be the underdog of the season that becomes the Cinderella story. The Grizzlies are playing in a tough conference (the Western) that is going to be very competitive this year and their goal is to be one of the top contenders. The NBA is growing stronger and stronger in means of the players' performances and the teams so everyone is beginning to grow together and they are becoming quite the legendary league.

Taking a trip to Memphis is an incredible thing, it's a fantastic city that has a plethora of history behind it and a great basketball team is just an addition to all the possibilities this town has. The FedEx Forum is an astounding arena that has a great aura and energy surrounding it. The Grizzlies have literally created a community around them and being a part of it is something that everyone who has the opportunity should do. The team has a starting lineup of none other than Marc Gasol, O.J. Mayo, Mike Conley, Rudy Gay, and Zach Randolph. These guys are something to see because they really do give 110% at every single game and the phrase "protect this house" takes on a whole new meaning when they are the ones who are doing the protecting. Going to a basketball game is something that you will never forget and it is an experience that every human being needs to have. So if you plan on living the Memphis night life right tonight then you will be headed over to the Forum to have the time of your life. Watching a Grizzly tear up an unsuspecting visitor is, after all, a very entertaining site to see.


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